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Mitchie 美雪
Snow Kiss Kirei Yuki
Here is my latest drawing posted on my deviantart. Fan art of… 
16th-Mar-2009 12:11 am
all for nothing

Here is my latest drawing posted on my deviantart.

Fan art of Harry Potter age:18 (my version)
Fan art of Harry Potter age:18 (my version)

I finished the last book of the Harry Potter series (HP 7 : Deathly Hallows)
and I was glade that I was not disappointed with the story like I thought I
would be. Those who had read the story before me, told me that it would
disappoint me because they seem to not like it as much. It was always
"Oh she (J.K. Rowling) should have done this" or "done that," but I think
everything is good as it is.

I've waited to finish reading the whole series just because I didn't want
to finish it. I didn't want Harry to go away. So now I'm a bit sad that, that
part of the wizarding fantasy world will disappear. It was a great world full
of creativity and fantasy. Unlike Twilight which has jacked up many of the
fantasy creatures and ripped them apart to create a whole new superior
thing (the author made HER werewolves into shape-shifters!
I mean come on!).

A couple of my friends and I started on a conversation about Twilight and
how it is not the next Harry Potter or that the author of the Twilight series
(Stephenie....something) is the next Rowling. I've heard from many
females (oddly, mostly from those younger than I am) that Twilight is like
the next Harry Potter, which I think is laughable. I can rant all night about
this but right now I'd like to head to bed. Night everyone!
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