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Mitchie 美雪
Snow Kiss Kirei Yuki
19th-Nov-2008 07:57 pm
Let me place my specs in position...
Today was an average every day routine. I woke up at 6:45 this morning which is alright. I usually wake up a little bit earlier but it's not unusual to wake up later either. So anyways I started to get ready for school. My illness is almost gone. I still have the sniffles and the coughing but it's not so bad. I can still exercises. I made it to school just in time. Every thing went along fine with the school schedule and teacher's agenda. Nothing was out of the ordinary.
At lunch, my friends and I discussed about what we should do over the weekend and the holiday break. So now on Friday we are going to watch Twilight, a new teen hit movie that everyone has been talking about (well mainly the girls). I'm up for going to watch it if i was either invited or if everyone was going as a group. Originally I wasn't going to go watch it because I didn't really like who they choose for the characters. Don't get me wrong, the actors/ actresses are great but I had imagined the characters differently but w/e. It doesn't matter now. Now I just want to see if the movie is good and worthwhile to see.
I'm going with a group of friends, including my boyfriend, to go watch the movie, Twilight, on Friday when we get to have our minimum day, where school gets out at noon. It's a maybe right now but I think the time we'll be watching it is at 2:45 pm.

I'll post a poll later to rate the movie.

In the afternoon I got my hair trimmed...and I don't really really like how the style much. -__-
Is there a good way to describe what you want your hair to look like to someone who is about to cut it?

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